UNOCHA coordinates the global emergency response to save lives and protect people in humanitarian crises.

Involvement with SBP


The Emergency Response section within the Response Support Branch manages the SBP portfolio, alongside other networks and partnerships such as UNDAC, INSARAG, etc.

UNOCHA has been contributing and engaging with the SBP Network in the following ways:

  1. In-kind contribution to the SBP Network, including by supporting its core staff.

  2. Participation and active engagement in at least one of the existing Working Groups.

  3. Participation in the Steering Committee. UNOCHA was also previously the chair of the SBP Nnetwork’s Steering Committee.

  4. Participation and engagement at the Annual Consultation and Mid-Annual Consultation.

Available deployable profiles

  1. Humanitarian Affairs Officers

  2. Information Management Officers

  3. Civil-Military Coordination Officers

  4. Accountability to Affected Populations Experts

  5. Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Experts

  6. Cash Coordination Experts

UN Partners


  2. ZIF

  3. DEMA

  4. DRC

  5. FCDO

  6. ICRU

  7. iMMAP

  8. Irish Aid

  9. MapAction

  10. NORCAP


  12. RedR Australia

  13. MSB

  14. SDC