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Irish Aid

Irish Aid

Irish Aid



Irish Aid is the Irish Government’s official aid programme managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), working on behalf of the Irish people to address poverty, hunger and humanitarian need in some of the poorest countries in the world. The provision of humanitarian assistance continues to form a vital part of Ireland’s development cooperation engagement.

The Rapid Response Initiative is a central feature of Ireland’s humanitarian assistance programme. It is an operational tool designed to contribute to Ireland’s overarching humanitarian goal of saving and protecting lives by addressing capacity and resource constraints in the international humanitarian system. There are two key elements:

  • The roster of highly-skilled and experienced individuals – a Rapid Response Corps – for deployment overseas, at short notice, to work with Ireland’s UN Standby humanitarian partners as part of their emergency response efforts.

  • The pre-positioning and transportation of essential humanitarian supplies – shelter and housing supplies including blankets, tents, kitchen sets, soap and mosquito nets, as well as water supply and sanitation equipment – to disaster and crisis areas.

Involvement with SBP


The Rapid Response Team is part of the Humanitarian Unit of Irish Aid with headquarters based in limerick, Ireland. The team is responsible for the management and delivery of the Rapid Response Initiative.

Irish Aid has been contributing and engaging with the SBP Network in the following ways:

  1.  Financial contribution to the SBP Network and support of SBP Network core staff.

  2. Participation and active engagement in at least one of the existing Working Groups.

  3. Participation and engagement at the Annual Consultation and Mid-Annual Consultation.


  1. Humanitarian Affaris Officer

  2. Protection

  3. Child Protection

  4. Logistics

  5. Shelter

  6. WASH

  7. Information Management

  8. Civil-Military Coordination

  9. Nutritionist

  10. Cash Programming

  11. Civil and Construction Engineering

  12. Communications

  13. Gender-Based Violence and Gender

  14. ICT

  15. Warehousing


  1. UNHCR

  2. WFP



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