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Help.NGO believes in the ability to leverage technology and subject matter experts to ethically disrupt the humanitarian development space, efficiently and effectively increasing impact via our Innovate, Iterate, Scale methodology.

Mission Statement

Help.NGO is an International Non-Governmental Organization and United Nations Standby Partner leveraging cutting-edge technology and subject matter experts to enable local actors to respond efficiently and effectively across the entire humanitarian-development nexus—not only in the wake of an emergency, but prior to a disaster to prevent and mitigate risk. Help.NGO works to augment the capacity of national and international organizations through the provision of strategic guidance, technical expertise, and training by co-developing solutions with industry leaders that aim to make optimal use of time, resources, and funding in humanitarian and development operations. By providing experts-on-mission, deploying pre-defined service packages, delivering capacity building assistance, and supporting sustainability, Help.NGO has spent over a decade working to reduce the effects of natural disasters, man-made conflicts, economic disparity, and climate change.

Involvement with SBP


Help.NGO has been a standby partner to the UN since 2019. Since then, Help.NGO has continued to work to strengthen coordination with other UN Agencies and clusters with plans to expand the partnership and the way it lends support to other agencies. In 2020 Help.NGO became a steering committee member involved in the Learning, Training, and Advocacy Technical Working Groups. Help.NGO also has been the lead agency for the website development of the SBP Network and aims to support longer term strategy development for the SBP Network. Help.NGOs international capacity is divided between five areas of support:

· Deployment of Experts on Mission (individuals and teams)

· Support Modules (equipment, support services)

· Service Packages (equipment and staff)

· Capacity Development Projects

· Training and Exercises


Available deployable profiles

1. Infrastructure and Humanitarian access – Logistics

2. Infrastructure and Humanitarian access – Safety and Security

3. Crisis Coordination – Information Management/Comms

4. Crisis Coordination – ICT (Including UAS/Drones)

5. Crisis Coordination – ICT Service Packages

6. Crisis Coordination – Preparedness Experts

7. Services for Communities – Cluster Support


  1. WFP

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